Hi there! My name is Stephanie Anderson and I am the artist behind The Hillside Creative.  Throughout my life I have always been creating and drawing.  I am a self taught watercolor and ink artist and I love daydreaming up new pieces to create.

I little bit about my background- I grew up in the small town of Waconia, Minnesota.  I received a Bachelors degree in Environmental and Outdoor Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth.  As most of my friends have moved away, I found myself unwilling to part from this gem of a city.

My husband and I purchased a 100 year old home on the East Hillside of Duluth a year ago.  We have been working on all sorts of “fun” home improvement projects since.  As we wrap up projects I am finding more time to get back into drawing. In May of 2018 I decided to pursue my dream of creating my own art business, hence the beginning of The Hillside Creative.

When not drawing, or working my full-time job at Frost River, you can find me adventuring with my husband and our two dogs, Griffin & Zurie.  In the warmer months we enjoy taking our fleet of Vintage Volkswagens up the shore and when classic car season is through (salted roads), we spend weekends keeping warm at the cabin on the South Shore.