J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

It’s just about a full month into the New Year and I have taken some time to take a breath and a break from my growing little business. Over the past few months I have been chipping away at my website and as I am making some final touches I can’t help but think about where I started. My first EVER show as The Hillside Creative was in May at the Cedar Lounge. In just 8 months, I cannot believe how much I have learned and grown.  Each and every show whether it was a good turnout or not, taught me something new.

One of my favorite spots was an Art on Tap pop-up at Bent Paddle Brewing in the Lincoln Park Craft District. I thought my work and display fit in perfect the fun and vibrant feel of the brewery.

To everyone who stopped at these shows, expressed interest in my work or even bought a piece. I cannot thank you enough. This year was to show me if I could indeed make a little side business work and if people would even have any interest in my work. I am so excited about the attention that The Hillside Creative received and I cannot wait to go full steam ahead for this year.

The pieces pictured above were some of my firsts and still are some of my favorites.

Another fun thing to look back on is to see how my work has progressed. Having pictures of each of my pieces has helped me see that drawing on a weekly basis has helped further my skill.

For most of the shows this past year I was scrambling and drawing for hours after work and all through the weekend to make sure I had enough pieces to fill my space.  My hand would cramp up and drawing while being stressed about time was no fun. I am hoping that once I get back into the swing of things I can create a better collection of work to go into the busy show season with. I also am going to make prints!

Needless to say January was a wonderful month to step back and relax. My husband and I took an amazing trip to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean and the sunshine felt so wonderful- I added some pics below! Thank you for reading!